Origami Party!

April 26, 2008 at 3:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment


This is what Japanese language student nerds do on a Friday night.

Allow me to explain: The mother of a friend of mine is battling breast cancer.  His girlfriend has decided to make her a charm of 1,000 origami cranes, as per Sadako’s story.  She’s made about 500 since December, but she wants to be done soon, so of course, she and her Sensei organized a Crane-Making Party for her friends and some other Japanese students!  She brought along a package of 360 papers, and some extras for practice, and we folded it ALL!おいしいおかし!(delicious snacks!)

Of course, it took a lot of 日本のおかし (Japanese snacks), including these really awesome crackers with a slightly buttery flavoring on the outside, and lychee gummis.  We spent three strait hours folding, so sugar was deffinatly necessary!

go jyuu ten yo!

My hands hurt again just looking at this!  My contribution was about 50.  There’s more than 50 in the photo, but a few of them aren’t mine.  Eric kept throwing his cranes at me o_<  Eric also got bored from mangling cranes and throwing them at me, and made a comic about sensei:

Benkyoushinakuchyaikemasen! (You must study!)

*snicker snicker* The poor boy needs to study more.


Here’s the whole lot of ’em, stacked into pretty rows.  360 good luck cranes, enough to defend Sparta!


… if cranes could fight and weren’t made out of paper ^^;;  This puts the total up to around 8- or 900, and I think Erin wants to make the last few herself.  This was really a lot of fun; maybe now I’ll pull my 1,000 paper stars project out of the closet again.


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