Wishing Stars & A Messy Desk

May 28, 2008 at 12:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It’s been a little too long. I appoligize. After finals, I loaded my room into my car, drove home, then proceeded to spend a whole week slowly unloading/unpacking, because my room had become SO CLUTTERED that unpacking was an issue. 4 bags and boxes worth of donations to Goodwill, a little more than that of trash, and some vacumn storage bags later, and I’ve escaped the mess!

…. Well, mostly. My desk is still horribly messy. So I will show it to you:

A close-up of my desk shows the only craft project I’ve managed since break started: Origami Wishing Stars. Similar to the 1,000 cranes legend, you can make a wish on 1,000 wishing stars. Looooong ago, I started making a set for my boyfriend. I got to about 500, had to resort to cutting up wrapping paper, and kind of gave up. Upon coming home, I decided to count and finish them for his graduation. I bought a bunch of pretty papers at Chinatown, along with a pretty star-shaped jar. He has the first 1,000, but the jar only looks half-full, and I still have a lot of papers left. So, what else was I to do but to make another 1,000 to put in it!

Current count: 450. I think I have around 300 papers left, then I’ll have to get more. I learned from last time that cutting your own little strips is NOT a good idea. Plus, the ones you can buy are so pretty!

If you want to learn to make these yourself, here’s a good tutorial, with paper sizes and suggestions and ideas on what to do with them.


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