I can make books now!

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This past Spring semester, I took a class in Artist Book Making.  The main focus was on teaching a wide variety of book binding techniques.  We were allowed to fill them with whatever we wanted, so long as it fit into the realm of “artist book”.  I saw lots of photography, comic strips, some abstract paint-splatters, and a senior thesis being bound into handmade books.  I mostly stuck to poetry and song lyrics.  For my final project, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite authors, Lewis Carroll, by making a collection of artist books based around his poetry, reflecting some of the non-sensical and flair that he so often brought into his work.

Crocodile Book

“The Crocodile” – This one was probably the most fun to design, and the biggest pain to actually make.  Those teeth are all perfectly alligned and wrapped in white paper.  The poem can be read off the ‘tongue’ glued inside the clamshell-style box ‘mouth’.

Dee and Dum Book

“The Walrus and the Carpenter” – Since Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum tell this tale in the book, I made a two-part book for the poem.  Each side has alternating stanzas, with the “Dee” side going first.  It’s designed so that two people have to face each other to read the poem together… Or you could just flip it back & forth till you go mad….

Jabberwock Book

“The Jabberwocky” – Alice finds the Jabberwocky book while in the mirror world, so the entire thing is a mirror image.  I chose a removable hinge type bind for this book so I could make a ‘secret message’ of sorts; when you remove the dowel holding the bind together, a riddle is revealed, telling you to use a mirror.  Finding a way to get text to print in mirror reverse was the most challenging part of this one…. Oh, and the removable hinge bind takes a lot of precise measuring and a lot of parts to cover with pretty paper.


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