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So, as usual, college became a black void wherein I emerge and its been 8 or 9 months since I did a proper update on anything. Only 1 more year, though!

General (Art-Related) Updates:

– I’m now a Student Member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, or SNAG. Don’t let the name fool you; they are a group of all kinds of metal artists, jewelers, and blacksmiths, and members span as far as Europe. I’ll be attending and doing volunteer work at their annual conference (read: 4 days of galleries/speakers/portfolio stuffs/party) in Phili in a few weeks. MAJORLY looking forward to that.

– My college canceled the Metal Arts program, and my amazingly cool and awesome Metal Arts Prof. is leaving for another college ;_; I will do what I can to keep burninating my metalz, but its hard when you can’t actually schedule it in like a class, or have challenging assignments. As such, I am seriously considering an MFA (or second BA) in Metals/Jewelry/Artisan Craft! But I’m still looking around and considering options.

– I applied for a local Arts Fest, made tons of stock, and was rejected ;_; So, what else to do but set up a webshop! [link] should be up and running by the end of June, if all goes well. Mostly chainmail jewelry/accessories to start, but I have many a craft love and may include tatted lace, cloth item-ma-bobs, hand-bound journals, and whatever else I manage to make and market.

– My degree will be a BA in New Media.  Metal Arts stole my heart, but Sculpture, which is the closest ligit department here, isn’t really that awesome.  I’ve already taken 1 New Media studio course and liked it, so I’m just going to take a few more and get the heck outta here in 2010!

General (Non-Art) Updates:

– I took a trip to Tokyo, Japan over New Year’s with my boyfriend.  Our return flight landed on the Friday before Spring Semester started, so I have yet to go through and gussey-up all the photos I took.

– I have a new little buddy to keep me company in college-land.  Her name is Ichigo, and she is a Southern Flying Squirrel, bred for pet purposes (read: I bought her from a breeder, who didn’t capture her, or her parents, or her grandparents, from the wild).  She is a wonderful little buddy and I’ll post pics of her if she ever slows down long enough for one!

I’ll get around to posting some awesome photos of past and on-going projects that are lying about, but for now I still have one last final to take!



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Since I don’t happen to have anything noteworthy to discuss today, I’ll just start by saying Hi!

About Mage Weave:  The name “mage weave” comes from Blizzard Entertainment’s MMO, World of Warcraft.  Mageweave is a cloth item used to make equipable items via the Tailoring profession.  I’ve always thought the name was appropriate for things that are made, in my crazy mind, with a hint of magic.  Anyone who’s made a doll or plushie knows that you really do breathe a little “life” into your creations.  Dolls and plushies just make this more apparent with their life-like features, but all creations hold a little piece of their creator; a little piece of inspiration, craftsmanship, and care.

*stashes Hippy-Paige back in the closet*

Anyway!  Well, I plan to use this blog to post my art and craft projects, hopefully with some pictures, and discuss, maybe sell, make tutorials; really, whatever I feel is crafty and fun.  To be more specific on the arts/crafts topic, here’s what I do and hope to post about:

  • Traditional and Digital Drawings and Paintings.
  • Sewing: Clothing, Accessories, and Plushies
  • Chainmaille: Accessories and Jewelry
  • School-Related Projects and rantings thereof
  • Origami?  Cooking?  Face Painting?  It’ll all end up here eventually, I’m sure.

So….. yeah!  I think that’s all I have for now.  Welcome to Mage Weave’s Blog, y’all!

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