Boyfriend’s Shirt turned cute top + stars update

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I’ve had this shirt of my boyfriend’s for awhile now, hoping I’d find something cute to make it into. It wasn’t exactly an old shirt, per say, but he had it and didn’t want to wear it. It’s a pretty nice shirt, though: Black with red and pink pinstripes. I had some motivation + inspiration the other day, and came up with this:

Basically, all I did was re-size it, make it sleave-less, changed the buttons from a neutral grey-clear to red, and added darts to help shape it. One of the darts came out a bit wonky, and since I pinned them while wearing the shirt, they’re not symetrical, so I guess I need some more practice.

The funny pucker on the back is a pin; after putting it on the manaquin, I realised that the back was HORRIBLY uneven. I’ll have to go back and fix that.

Also this week:

Wishing Star Update: 750. I’m almost out of paper. Not sure if I’ll attempt to cut strips out myself (since I have a goal now, maybe it won’t be so bad?), or making another trip to Chinatown ( I ran out of mochi cakes anyway)


Wishing Stars & A Messy Desk

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It’s been a little too long. I appoligize. After finals, I loaded my room into my car, drove home, then proceeded to spend a whole week slowly unloading/unpacking, because my room had become SO CLUTTERED that unpacking was an issue. 4 bags and boxes worth of donations to Goodwill, a little more than that of trash, and some vacumn storage bags later, and I’ve escaped the mess!

…. Well, mostly. My desk is still horribly messy. So I will show it to you:

A close-up of my desk shows the only craft project I’ve managed since break started: Origami Wishing Stars. Similar to the 1,000 cranes legend, you can make a wish on 1,000 wishing stars. Looooong ago, I started making a set for my boyfriend. I got to about 500, had to resort to cutting up wrapping paper, and kind of gave up. Upon coming home, I decided to count and finish them for his graduation. I bought a bunch of pretty papers at Chinatown, along with a pretty star-shaped jar. He has the first 1,000, but the jar only looks half-full, and I still have a lot of papers left. So, what else was I to do but to make another 1,000 to put in it!

Current count: 450. I think I have around 300 papers left, then I’ll have to get more. I learned from last time that cutting your own little strips is NOT a good idea. Plus, the ones you can buy are so pretty!

If you want to learn to make these yourself, here’s a good tutorial, with paper sizes and suggestions and ideas on what to do with them.

Origami Party!

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This is what Japanese language student nerds do on a Friday night.

Allow me to explain: The mother of a friend of mine is battling breast cancer.  His girlfriend has decided to make her a charm of 1,000 origami cranes, as per Sadako’s story.  She’s made about 500 since December, but she wants to be done soon, so of course, she and her Sensei organized a Crane-Making Party for her friends and some other Japanese students!  She brought along a package of 360 papers, and some extras for practice, and we folded it ALL!おいしいおかし!(delicious snacks!)

Of course, it took a lot of 日本のおかし (Japanese snacks), including these really awesome crackers with a slightly buttery flavoring on the outside, and lychee gummis.  We spent three strait hours folding, so sugar was deffinatly necessary!

go jyuu ten yo!

My hands hurt again just looking at this!  My contribution was about 50.  There’s more than 50 in the photo, but a few of them aren’t mine.  Eric kept throwing his cranes at me o_<  Eric also got bored from mangling cranes and throwing them at me, and made a comic about sensei:

Benkyoushinakuchyaikemasen! (You must study!)

*snicker snicker* The poor boy needs to study more.


Here’s the whole lot of ’em, stacked into pretty rows.  360 good luck cranes, enough to defend Sparta!


… if cranes could fight and weren’t made out of paper ^^;;  This puts the total up to around 8- or 900, and I think Erin wants to make the last few herself.  This was really a lot of fun; maybe now I’ll pull my 1,000 paper stars project out of the closet again.

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