I can make books now!

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This past Spring semester, I took a class in Artist Book Making.  The main focus was on teaching a wide variety of book binding techniques.  We were allowed to fill them with whatever we wanted, so long as it fit into the realm of “artist book”.  I saw lots of photography, comic strips, some abstract paint-splatters, and a senior thesis being bound into handmade books.  I mostly stuck to poetry and song lyrics.  For my final project, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite authors, Lewis Carroll, by making a collection of artist books based around his poetry, reflecting some of the non-sensical and flair that he so often brought into his work.

Crocodile Book

“The Crocodile” – This one was probably the most fun to design, and the biggest pain to actually make.  Those teeth are all perfectly alligned and wrapped in white paper.  The poem can be read off the ‘tongue’ glued inside the clamshell-style box ‘mouth’.

Dee and Dum Book

“The Walrus and the Carpenter” – Since Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum tell this tale in the book, I made a two-part book for the poem.  Each side has alternating stanzas, with the “Dee” side going first.  It’s designed so that two people have to face each other to read the poem together… Or you could just flip it back & forth till you go mad….

Jabberwock Book

“The Jabberwocky” – Alice finds the Jabberwocky book while in the mirror world, so the entire thing is a mirror image.  I chose a removable hinge type bind for this book so I could make a ‘secret message’ of sorts; when you remove the dowel holding the bind together, a riddle is revealed, telling you to use a mirror.  Finding a way to get text to print in mirror reverse was the most challenging part of this one…. Oh, and the removable hinge bind takes a lot of precise measuring and a lot of parts to cover with pretty paper.


A Semester’s Worth of Work

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Now that the semester is FINALLY over (handed in my final assignment less than an hour ago!), I have some time to post the rest of my Metal Arts projects before I pack-up and head home for the summer!

Rico Eastman Maquette
Project 1: design and fabricate a wearable maquette, based off of a large, outdoor sculpture. While doing research, I was inspired by Rico Eastman’s nifty lincoln-logs-esque sculptures, and decided to make a shoulder-piece based off of them. It’s really just aluminum sheeting cut into rectangles, hammered into curves, and notched so they slot together. The piece isn’t fused together, it comes apart. Post-grading, I made a Euro 4-1 chain strap to hold it on the body. Someday, I’d like to make a whole outfit/armour set to go with this.

BTW, this is when I discovered that my camera broke, so my friend, Linny, took those photos for me. I waited until the last second to take photos of the rest, using my new Cannon Powershot!

Life Box
Project 2: Make a dispenser/container for something intangable. I chose life, and made a planter in the shape of a sun (or a fried egg, depending on how you look at it, but the intention was a sun!) I actually wanted to make a dispenser for “The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything”, but my teacher said not everyone would get the reference 😦 Oh well. I’ll hopefully get pics up when I finally plant something into this, since part of the inspiration for this was the contrast of soft soil and metal.

Chakra Headdress
Project 3: Bezels as wearables. I might have lied, in my last post, because this could be tied for my favorite project. I am really, really proud of my bezels and I hope to have the opportunity to make some again.

Anyway, this project involved a set of 3-5 bezels, set into a wearable, with thought to how the wearable could be displayed off the body. I bezeled a set of clear glass taxedermy eyes, which I painted. From top: The Chakra for the Third Eye (set in sideways! Oops!), A Native American God’s Eye Design, and some clouds. I made a chainmaille headdress, so the bezels can be worn on the forhead as a “third eye” sort of gem, with metal feather-shaped pendents in the back. When off the body, this piece can be strung onto a hoop and hung on the wall, like a Dream Catcher (hence the feathers, which are traditional Dream Catcher danglies. I still need to get a hoop of the right size, BTW)

That’s really it. Doesn’t seem like a full semester’s worth of work, but it really was. I’m kind of sad that I don’t get to take Intermediate Metal Arts in the Fall, but other things overlap with it, so my plan is to take it in the Spring. Blah. Okay, I’m off to clean and move home for the summer!

Is YOUR WiiMote Made of Metal?

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Which Wii is Which?

So, I wanted to post up my entire Metals portfolio, but it’s getting late and I have to get up early for Art History tomorrow 😛 So there’s only enough time to post about one project, although, it’s my favorite: The Copper WiiMote!

The assignment was to make a trophy based on an inanimate object, with the goal in mind to work on a lot of little detail-y fussy things in copper (’cause it’s easier in copper, though a Brass WiiMote might’ve been cooler!). I chose a WiiMote ’cause, well, it seemed like an apt and yet silly thing to make a trophy about. And I miss being able to play while in school ;_;

The Tower of Wii!

Here’s the actual tower, made up of all the Wii and DS game boxes I could scrounge up, plus a smaller stack of DS games at the top. I feel kind of bad, because the assignment included a ‘plaque’ of sorts to stick to the trophy, but I didn’t end up making one. I think the repetative Wii logo on the boxes kind of makes up for it, though.

A close-up of the top of the tower, because I couldn’t resist:

And lastly, a few close-ups so you can see the button details:

Front Buttons

Back Button (someone wore-down the 'B' punch in the shop, methinks, b/c this was the best I could do)

I should point out, that everything was done by hand. I say this to excuse the horrid sanding job on the front. I didn’t have rotery tools, only pieces of sandpaper, and that stuff only folds up into tiny bits so much…

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